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  Principle Investigator

Robert Westervelt
Mallinckrodt Professor of Applied Physics and Physics

Pierce Hall 234
Robert Westervelt received his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in 1977. Following a postdoctoral appointment at Berkeley, he moved to Harvard, where he is currently the Mallinckrodt Professor of Applied Physics & Physics. Westervelt serves at the Director of the Center of Nanoscale Systems at Harvard, and Director of the NSF Science & Technology Center for Integrated Quantum Materials.

  Managing Director of CIQM

Naomi Brave
Managing Director of the Science & Technology Center for Integrated Quantum Materials

Pierce Hall 228

  Postdoctoral Researchers

Sagar Bhandari
Postdoctoral Researcher

McKay Hall 207

Curriculum Vitae
Sagar is a post-doctoral fellow working on studying local electronic properties in nano structures in graphene, superconductors and 2D semiconductors such as MoS2, WSe2 with high spatial resolution using a cooled scanning probe microscope. Sagar got his PhD in Applied Physics in "Imaging Electron Flow in Graphene" from Harvard University in 2015. He received his B.S. in Physics and Electrical Engineering from Trinity College in 2009. His research interests include using different scanning probe techniques such as scanning capacitance microscopy, scanning gate microscopy to image electronic transport in van der Waals materials. He has worked with several undergraduates to make high mobility graphene devices by using the nanofabrication facilities at CNS. He is also interested in electronic transport characterization of new 2D materials. Outside of research, he enjoys anything outdoors such as running, hiking and skiing.

  Graduate Student

Erick Ruiz
Graduate Student

McKay Hall 207
Erick is currently a first-year graduate student at Harvard University in the Applied Physics program. He received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech University. As a member of the Westervelt lab, Erick's primary focus has been on refining the fabrication process of van der Waals heterostructures. Additionally, Erick is interested in studying electron transport in two-dimensional materials using the scanning gate microscopy technique pioneered by the Westervelt lab. Outside of research, Erick enjoys a variety of activities such as drawing, playing video games, and woodworking. Furthermore, he is avid sports fan. His favorite teams are FC Barcelona, Cruz Azul, and the Dallas Cowboys.

  Undergraduate Students

Andrew Lin
Undergraduate Student

McKay Hall 207
Andrew Lin is an undergraduate in his third year at Harvard studying Chemistry and Physics. As a student research assistant with the Westervelt lab, Andrew's research focuses on the fabrication of graphene-on-boron-nitride sandwich structures and the imaging of their electronic properties. When not working in the lab, Andrew volunteers with the Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program (KDSAP) as Vice President, writes as Arts Editor for the student weekly newspaper The Harvard Independent, serves as an associate editor of peer review with The Harvard Undergraduate Research Journal (THURJ), and plays trombone with the Harvard Wind Ensemble. He enjoys reading, painting, and playing the piano in his spare time.

Mary Keenan
Undergraduate Student

McKay Hall 207
Mary is a physics major in her senior year at Wellesley College. Her work in the Westervelt lab is centered around device fabrication for the ultimate purpose of imaging electron flow in 2D materials via scanning gate microscopy. On a daily basis she seeks to improve established research methodology and enjoys troubleshooting problems that inevitably arise throughout the course of research. Outside the lab she competes in cross country, winter and spring track, and enjoys being outdoors in any capacity.

  Past Members

Sagar Bhandari 2015 Postdoc, Harvard University
Estelle Kaflon-Cohen 2015 Postdoc, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Weili Wang 2014 Postdoc, Wyss Institute, Harvard University
Halvar Trodahl 2011 Mckinsey & Company
Alex Nemiroski 2011 Associate Director, Nanofabrication, Illumina
Keith Brown 2011 Asst Professor, Boston University
Erin Boyd 2010 Congressional Staff, Senator Al Franken
Jesse Berezovsky 2010 Asst Professor, Case Western University
David Issadore 2009 Asst Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Tom Hunt 2007 Google
Kathy Aidala 2006 Assoc Professor, Mt Holyoke College
Parisa Fallahi 2006 Postdoc, ETH Zurich
Ania Bleszynski 2006 Asst Professor, UC Santa Barbara
Andy Vidan 2006 Assoc Technology Officer, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Hak-Ho Lee 2005 Asst Professor, Harvard Medical School
Ian Chan 2003 Stanford Research Systems
Brian LeRoy 2003 Assoc Professor, University of Arizona
Chungsok Lee 2003 College Consulting
Mark Topinka 2002 Founder, SunPrint
Lester Chen 2001 Amazon.com Inc.
David Duncan 2000 Senior Partner, Insight Consulting
Marjia Drndic 2000 Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Carol Livermore 1998 Assoc Professor, Northeastern University
Rex Beck 1998 Minister, Cleveland Heights OH
Mark A. Erikssonf 1997 Professor, University of Wisconsin
Aram. S. Adourian 1996 Chief Scientific Officer & Senior VP, BG Medicine
Catherine L. Hirshfeld Crouch 1996 Assoc Professor, Swarthmore College
Junmin Hu 1996 Barclay’s Global Investors
Jordan A. Katine 1996 Hitachi Global Storage Technology
H. Scott Yang 1995 Cardiology, Kaiser Permanente
Michael Berry 1994 Assoc Professor, Princeton University
Frederick Waugh 1994 MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Douglas Mar 1994 Liquidia Technologies
John Baskey 1994 Strategic Decisions Group
Alex J. Rimberg 1992 Professor, Dartmouth College
Raj Seshadri 1992 Managing Director, BlackRock Inc.
Andrew M. Kahn 1991 Asst. Professor, School of Medicine, UC San Diego
Peter F. Hopkins 1990 Seagate Technology
Charles M. Marcus 1990 Professor, Niels Bohr Institute, Univ. Copenhagen
Kenneth L. Babcock 1989 CEO, Affinity Biosensors
Elizabeth G. Gwinn 1987 Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara
Michael Burns 1987 Senior Research Associate, Boston College
Stephen W. Teitsworth 1986 Assoc. Professor, Duke University
Alex C. Sacharoff 1985 Vice President, Summit Technologies

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